A Staying Alive Benediction

May you take a moment, just one moment,

to feel the breath rising in your chest.

May you notice the rhythm of your pulse

as your body continues to do everything it can

to keep you here, safe, and surviving.

May you know for even just a few seconds each day

that you are needed, and that you belong here.

May those seconds turn into minutes turn into hours

turn into days turn into a lifetime of feeling seen

& loved & known & safe & real & healed & alive.

May you see in yourself all the goodness

that you have striven to find in the world around you.

May you stay. Here. Alive. Blessing this world

with your presence and vibrancy and brokenness.

May you be surrounded by people who understand,

who offer love and support without reservation,

and may you have the strength to offer love in return.

May you be blessed with healing, self-awareness, self-love,

& the ability and desire to move into a bright future.

A benediction for suicide prevention, & for those who keep holding on even when they feel like falling.