A Christmas Benediction

During this Advent season,

may you find rest for your soul.

May you learn more about what brings you true joy

as you avoid the feelings of furiously-paced shame

that can so often overtake us.

May your eyes dance with twinkling lights

whether or not you have the energy to put up your own.

May you find yourself surrounded with friends and family

who bring you peace and joy.

May you find time to reflect on miracles.

May you find solace in unexpected places.

May you find refuge where there was none.

May you be warmed by fires you did not start,

the kind that burn slowly;

not devouring hearts, but soothing them.

May you sing when you feel like singing,

cry when you feel like crying,

laugh when you feel like laughing,

and give only as much as you can, and no more.

May you find God in the loud, and in the quiet,

and in the in-between.

In the name of Sacred Love,

may you find meaning in the waiting.