My God Is

Earlier this year I spent some time copying down some of my favorite phrases from the book of Psalms into my prayer journal. One page includes this verse from Psalm 40:

Do not, O Lord, withhold your mercy from me; let your steadfast love and your faithfulness keep me safe forever.

I remember after copying down that verse, I began thinking about the things that make me feel safe and loved. Beneath those words, I made a list of those things, and before each of them, wrote, “My God is.” I stumbled upon that page recently, and realized that I had written a short Psalm of my own.

Here it is.

My God is the breeze rustling through leaves in a forest on an autumn day.

My God is the perfect melody of voices and instruments in every genre of music.

My God is a restful night’s sleep.

My God is stars shining brightly in a clear night sky.

My God is a woman who kindly says, “I am going to be a mom here for a moment,” to an unknown orphan like me.

My God is laughter rising up from friendly bodies wrapped in flannel blankets, gathered around a crackling fire on a cool evening.

My God is a calming cup of chamomile tea.

My God is windows rolled down & music playing & 70 miles an hour down an empty highway.

My God is goodness & mercy & joy forever & ever amen.