An October Benediction

As you enter into a season of change,

may you see the things that are holding you back from joy

drop to the ground like falling leaves,

and may they rustle, crushed under your feet,

as you move into more fulfilling spaces.

May you feel the transformation in your own life

as though it is as beautiful as the changing colors on your favorite tree.

May you embrace the world around you as it slows;

the hustle of summer giving way to a winding down,

one that you can join at any time.

May contemplation and quiet renewal envelop you

like the coziest blanket against an autumn chill.

May the love of the Divine and your community

warm your spirit like a crackling fire.

May you find the strength

to give as much joy as you get,

and may you be given the grace

to learn and teach in equal measure.

In the name of The Holy Mystery,

may you encounter God

in any and every place you wander.