About Rebecca

Rebecca Hauer has been a writer since she learned how to hold a pen. 1990s-Gospel music convinced her at the age of 5 that she wanted to be a pastor. A miraculous encounter with God in 2015 changed the way she saw herself and the world.

Rebecca is a survivor of 19 years of domestic violence and spiritual abuse, and lives with chronic anxiety and depression. She has lived with invasive suicidal ideations for almost two decades and is convinced that talking about mental health is the only way to combat the teenage suicide epidemic.

She is a passionate advocate for mental health, suicide prevention, and equality for all people. Rebecca is an amateur theologian and recently graduated from Indiana University - Purdue University Indianapolis with a Bachelor of Science in Civic Leadership.

When she's not writing or loudly engaging others in conversation, Rebecca can be found attempting to re-create episodes of "Chopped" in her kitchen or trying to keep her plants alive. She lives in Central Indiana with her husband, Ian, and her beloved cat, Rory. Rebecca and Ian are members of Grace Church in Noblesville, IN.

Controversial clarity: LGBT+ affirming. Feminist. Womanist theology is the theology of Jesus. Black Lives Matter. The Bible is inspired, not inerrant.