About Rebecca

Rebecca Hauer has been a writer since she learned how to hold a pen. 1990s-Gospel music convinced her at the age of 5 that she wanted to be a pastor. A miraculous encounter with God in 2015 changed the way she saw herself and the world.

Rebecca is a survivor of 19 years of domestic violence and spiritual abuse, and lives with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and chronic depression.

She is a passionate advocate for mental health, suicide prevention, and equality for all people. Rebecca is currently studying at Luther Seminary in an accelerated, two-year Master of Divinity program.

When she's not writing or loudly engaging others in conversation, Rebecca can be found attempting to re-create episodes of "Chopped" in her kitchen or trying to keep her plants alive. She married the love of her life in 2014 and has been the human servant of a tabby cat named Rory since 2016.

I present my wounds to you after the manner in which Jesus presented his wounds to the disciples: in good faith.

As clergy-in-training, I believe in being up front about my positions on controversial areas of faith and doctrine.

I am affirming of LGBT+ equality in personhood, marriage, leadership, and ordination. I believe that Black and Brown Lives Matter, that white supremacy is a clear and present danger to persons of color, and that white privilege is something that exists regardless of whether an individual person is overtly racist or not. I believe that the Bible is one way that the Spirit of God communicates to humanity, but that it is not inerrant or the only rule for life and faith. I believe that God is present in various iterations of faith. I believe in the Divine Feminine aspects of God who is both Father and Mother to all humankind. I believe in both forgiveness & justice, and that the two can coexist in the same space.